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Foreign Language Programmes

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In view of the global business scenario and growing employment mobility, knowledge of any international language will contribute to value addition in the academic qualification of our students.

The latest fact about the international languages is that there is a deeply felt need and necessity among the Indian businessmen. For instance, the bilateral trade between Indian businessmen and other countries is increasing by leaps and bounds. India is one of the Emerging markets along with China and the relations with France is being reinforced in recent times.

Lack of knowledge of an international language becomes a barrier in business transactions. To overcome such barriers, the management of NMIMS, which is committed to provide quality education to members of the society in general and  NMIMS students in particular, has decided to launch programmes of international languages under the aegis of one of its prestigious institutions – "NMIMS Centre for International Studies".

NMIMS Center for International Studies (NMIMS CIS) offers customized courses in

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Mandarin (Chinese)

  • Japanese

Having successfully completed its first phase with two prominent language programmes German and Mandarin (Chinese), in its second batch NMIMS CIS introduces the Japanese and Spanish language programmes also. NMIMS CIS offers these difficult languages in the most easy way. The programmes are so devised that in a very short span, students will start speaking the chosen language comfortably and at the end of the course they will acquire sufficient proficiency in communication to be able to transact business with the concerned countries.

On completion of the course, a certificate will be issued by the NMIMS Centre for International Studies.

*All the above courses are delivered through 40 sessions of 90 minutes at convenient timings in the evenings with batches starting twice a year


Language Faculty

Course Fees* Duration
Mandarin (Chinese) Rs. 16,520/- 1 sessions of  1 hours a week for 5 months
German Rs. 11,800/- 1 sessions of  1 hours a week for 5 months
Spanish Rs. 11,800/- 1 sessions of  1 hours a week for 5 months
Japanese Rs. 16,520/- 1 sessions of  1 hours a week for 5 months
  • *Including 18% GST and all Taxes.

The key aim of the language programme is to develop spoken communication skills in the language and the main highlight of the course includes :

  • Phonetics
  • Grammar
  • Speaking, reading and listening
  • Communicative languages
  • Business languages

Teaching Methodology

Interactive class-room sessions

Role-plays and group discussions

Group Assignments

Mock Sessions