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A Warm welcome to NMIMS Centre For International Studies.

Each one of you are special to us. Till In-person learning happens; virtual learning will be your new normal. A challenge for most of us. Well, challenges make you more responsible. Please remember that life without struggle is a life without success. Present circumstances will continue till the Govt allows us to follow In-person learning or Hybrid - face to face and online learning. I know this is a difficult and anxious time for each one of you. Just hang in there. Be positive. You will not only make it through but will come out much stronger.

Today I would like you to recognise the financial sacrifices your parents or someone has made for you as a result of which you are sitting here. Be profusely thankful to each one of them. Today you are blessed. Being blessed in life means that one must think of giving back not necessary financially but may be your time. I want you to always keep this fact in mind throughout your life.

Let me assure you that all efforts at IIS are made to make it a "happy " learning place. We believe in creating and practicing a strong learning culture. Speaking up is encouraged. Your limitations are recognised and with the help of faculties we try to help them improve. All efforts are made in that direction so that you become "happy " learners. All efforts are made to motivate you so that with required enthusiasm and opportunities, each one of you achieve academic excellence. You will also find that all the faculties and teachers are not only positive, supportive but also caring which will help in boosting your confidence further. They are the thought leaders in their area of specialisation with their kind permission, I may add that for you, they are available 24 hours a day.

Friends, this is the 15th successful year of Global education collaboration with KU London. Until now, about more than 650 students have successfully completed their graduation. You will be happy to note that all of them have very high regards for CIS.

Friends, let me share a little secret with you. I hate studying. I don't like studying but I love "learning". Learning is beautiful. Each day you can learn something new. If you want to survive, Be a learning machine. Learning is going to be a new skill. I believe that to stop learning is to stop living.

According to me, students who are good at learning, unlearning and relearning will always shape their careers with ease and can adapt well to the ever changing world. Promise me friends. Each one of you will try your best to be a happy learner.

Lastly, I would only say "GO FOR IT". Never avoid doing something because you are afraid to fail. Be positive. You can do it and you will do it.

Thank you and happy learning.

Shri. Rajesh Shah
Chairman GC and Management In-charge -SVKM's IIS
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