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Skill Development Cell (SDC) @ CIS

SDC events are aimed at providing holistic development opportunities to all through peer engagement learning platforms.

We have three cells : Art factory, Economic Finesse Club and Literary Club.

All cells are like an organisation with a structured governing body who are selected only after clearing the selection process. Events organised by the clubs and societies are organised and managed by the student body. This helps students apply and enhance their managerial skills. Each SDC organises events keeping in mind specific learning outcomes which contributes in developing your competency.

SDC Learning Outcomes

Art Factory

  • Develop creativity and innovation
  • Exhibit organising skills
  • Enhance one self’s Spatial Skills

Economic & Finance

  • Investigate and evaluate Economic and financial elements
  • Interpreted & analysis range of strategies and tactics
  • Learn effective communication skills


  • Enrich self-development
  • Develop articulation and orating skills
  • Learn presentation skills