CIS conducted an Outbound Trip to Silvassa on 17th and 18th February 2023

As part of Group Dynamics and Team Building Activities, CIS conducted an Outbound Trip to Silvassa on 17th and 18th February 2023. Total 101 students from level 4 and 5 participated along with 4 staff of CIS.

CIS took the student to the natural setting of Khanvel Resort in Silvassa to learn new skills, develop teamwork, and gain valuable experiences that can enhance their personal and professional growth. These activities included a variety of Team bounding games and adventure event such as Australian Walk, Pipes & Marbles, Blindfold, Ball and the Ring, Rug and Ball, Bombing the City (Thumb game) etc.

This trip provided an excellent opportunity for students to develop valuable skills, promote physical fitness and wellbeing, and build relationships with their peers and faculty members.

Communication Skills

Creativity & Innovation


Strategic Thinking

Team Leadership

Working in Teams


Here at NMIMS Center for International Studies (NMIMS CIS), we always believe that visuals are always better understood than reading or listening.

With this belief, the concept of Industrial Visits are implemented. Industrial visits are a systematic and a well-planned tour organized by the institute with a vision of enriching students with the practical insights of different companies.

Every industrial visit provides an ideal platform for students to put all the management concepts learnt in classrooms into practical action. Another objective of NMIMS CIS in organizing these industrial visits is that we want our students to get a first-hand experience of the issues and experiences of the manpower working in real industrial scenario. By interacting with the key persons, the students also come to know the solutions, which are many times outside the purview of the text book syllabus.

At NMIMS CIS, we plan industrial visits in sync with the subjects being learnt by the students. So, students can get to learn real-time Finance concepts by visiting places like BSE and MCX. Students can practically understand Operations and General Management by visiting industrial plants. Concepts related to Marketing and HR get crystal clear by visiting and meeting key management personnel of different corporates. In this way, an industrial visit provides a bridge between classroom teaching and practical applications and definitely broadens the thought process of students making them industry ready.

Some of the recent industrial visits organized by NMIMS CIS are mentioned below:


International Industrial Visit

With an objective that students should get a true international based education and should understand management from a global view point, the concept of International Industrial Visits have been implemented since last 4 years. The international visits have been to different places like China, South Africa, Singapore and recently to Europe.Through these international industrial visits, students can get a feel how companies work in a global scenario. International visits, in addition to the national industrial visits, also give students the ability to think and compare the different environment, issues and even solutions existing among the national and international companies. At NMIMS Center for International Studies (NMIMS CIS), it is ensured that these international visits give a holistic view and a universal appeal so that a student can truly widen the horizon of his thought process and think from a global perspective.

Industrial Visit to Europe – March 2018

54 students from Level 4 and Level 5 were accompanied by three faculty members for the industrial visit to Europe. It was a 10 day blended tour comprising of visits to places like Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp and Paris. The students had an experience of a lifetime visiting the plants of BMW and Mercedes, where they actually got to see the fully automated assembly line and other stages of an automobile manufacturing process.

There were visits to other industries too like the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Clog Factory in Amsterdam and the Diamond Museum at Antwerp. These visits gave a blend of different aspects of management functions for the students, as the objective of NMIMS CIS is always to provide the best possible learning platform for students. The sightseeing included visits to many interesting places notably the Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum (where everybody got a chance to see the world famous painting Monalisa) and the Eiffel Tower at Paris.


Industrial Visit to Singapore – March 2017

31 students from Level 4 and Level 5 were accompanied by two faculty members for the industrial visit to Singapore in March 2017.The students visited industries like NEWater plant, a huge water purifying plant, and Chocolate Factory where they learnt the operations and finance related concepts from the management personnel of the company. They also visited Aventis Business School where they attended a full day seminar on "Essences of Marketing", a practical workshop on marketing given by the CEO of the business school. The industrial visit also included sightseeing as students enjoyed visiting Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and Marina Bay sands.


National Visits

Thyssenkrupp Plant, Nashik on 23rd March, 2018

The main objective was to understand the operation of a steel plant and the capital and human resources that go into it. The Thyssenkrupp plant currently manufactures CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel) and CRNGO (Cold Rolled Non-Grain Oriented Steel) with strategically placed offices across India to ensure timely delivery of its products. The plant area is spread out to mind boggling 120 hectares with more than 12,000 trees. The students got an opportunity to meet senior key personnel like the Production Head, HR Head and Materials Head and got to know about the functioning of the plant as a whole. This visit gave practical exposure to the students related to operations, management, administration, and HR concepts.


Multi-commodity Exchange (Mcx), Andheri, Mumbai on 13th March, 2018

The students were taken on an educational Industrial Visit to the Multi Commodity Exchange headquarters in Mumbai, India which helped them not only broaden their horizons on their career opportunities but also gave them a foundation-level idea of the finance and commodity exchange market. MCX is the largest Commodity Exchange firm in India with 90% of the country's market share in the industry.

The students received a hands on training on financial concepts like Hedging, Forwards and Risk Management etc. by VP (Training & Development).All the students also realised the importance of understanding the core of Economics as a subject which is crucial to anyone dealing in the commodity exchange market. The biggest take away of this informative visit was that lot of students started looking at the Commodity Exchange industry as an option for their careers and were curious and hungry for more knowledge on the same.


Bisleri, Andheri, Mumbai on 23rd February, 2017

To understand the Operations Management concepts into practicality, an industrial visit to Bisleri Plant, Mumbai was organized, wherein students practically learnt the different concepts like Location and Layout, Capacity Management, Inventory Management, Quality Management and Supply Chain Management.

The students witness all the production stages of the Bisleri bottling process right from cleaning the bottles to filling and packaging. If not for the visit, the students would not have ever known that the bottles used at Bisleri are manufactured at the Bisleri plant itself to avoid any possible contamination.


Sunita Tools, Vasai Road, Mumbai on 22nd February, 2017

The prime objective behind this industrial visit was to make students understand how a SME functions under Indian Economy. Sunita Tools have contributed for about 40 years to Engineering and Plastics Industry and have created new Vistas for a world-class industry. NMIMS CIS take care that the industrial visits really contribute in a students' career prospects and as entrepreneurship is highly encouraged here at NMIMS CIS, a visit to SME is imperative. The students got a first-hand experience on how the SME uses technological innovation to stay ahead of competition and also most importantly the sources of finance used by SMEs.


SRK Exports, Bandra, Mumbai on 7th January, 2017

The main purpose of this industrial visit was to understand the interrelation of theoretical economics and organizational behaviour concepts and their practical applications in the field of Gems and Jewellery industry.

The students got an opportunity to visualise and learn the different management concepts mainly relating to the export of their diamonds to different countries. In this visit, the different processes which are involved in getting a finished and polished diamond were also shown by the company. The students learnt about the cordial organization culture which was prevalent there and also the importance of human resources and strategies the company is taking to keep them satisfied and motivated. Overall, the experience of the students was very enriching.